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Commercial Producer

I lead your commercial or digital video content creation through all steps including conception, pre-production (budgets, staffing, timelines), shooting, and post-production (editing, launch). Send me an inquiry to get started.

Commercial Director

 I work closely with you and your marketing team to bring your vision to life. If you don't have a marketing team, I can help you with that too! 

Send me an inquiry to get started.

"Staci was a dream to work with. She's not only professional but made the process less stressful!"

Simone W.

"My new go-to producer for commercials and branded content. Thank you, Staci!"

Nicole Y.

"Staci swooped in to save a project that went off the rails and somehow managed to meet our deadline. The best!"

Calvin S.

"Thank you for helping us create commercials that truly connect our audience to the products."

Suzanne L.

  • What is a commercial/content producer?
    A commercial producer oversees your entire film, commercial, or content project from inception all the way to broadcast or digital upload. From day one I will use my experience to help guide you through every step of the production process. This includes defining project vision and goals, assessing and creating budgets, hiring film crew and on-camera talent, and monitoring the post-production editing process.
  • What are the steps in your process as a producer?
    Step 1: Send me an email to tell me about your project, and goals. We'll start together with a discovery phase to hone your vision determine the specific ways you will use the commercial or digital content. Step 2: Next, we come up with a game plan; create a budget, hire all of the necessary film crew, and direct the team to ensure your vision is clear. These are the crucial steps needed to make sure your project comes to life in the most efficient way (we have a "fix it in pre-pro" mentality). Step 3: I'll guide the team through shooting the content on set, to post-production, to launch time, and ensure you are kept in the loop at all stages.
  • What are your rates?
    Pricing for services varies depending upon the scale, scope, and timeline of the project in question. Send me an email with the details of your vision and I will provide you with custom quotes.
  • Who will you hire to be on my film crew?
    I've developed an extensive roster of professional directors, camera operators, lighting, sound, grips, editors, and beyond to make up the crew for your commercial video shoot. These teams have worked together successfully many times in the past and can be scaled to match the size of your film project's needs. I can also work with your in-house crew to collaborate, shape, and manage projects as needed.
  • Can I see examples of your previous producing work?
    Yes! Visit the Portfolio page to see examples of my work.
  • Do you offer any other services not listed here for my commercial content?
    I know, production lingo can sometimes be confusing. If you're not sure if my services cover one of your needs for your Film or TV project, send me an email! I likely can provide what you need, or direct you to the right vendor who can help.
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