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Get to Know Me...

Cutting-edge commercial television & media production so sharp,

you can consider me your new Swiss Army knife.


Producer Experience

I have 10 years experience working as a television producer, specializing in commercial content and digital media video production. From e-commerce products, to health and fitness, to lifestyle brands, I'm the go-to media producer in Florida for broadcast-ready television commercials, and brand content for websites and social media platforms.


I have had the pleasure of producing over 200 commercials and infomercials. I have also produced hundreds of episodes of talk shows like Kraze (4 seasons) and Let's Chat (2 seasons), as well as independent short films.


Passion for Film & TV

Whether it's commercial or narrative work I genuinely love making films. It's always an incredible feeling to facilitate transforming client ideas from a seemingly impossible vision to the creative and effective content that moves the needle for their business. I am truly passionate about helping businesses and entrepreneurs take their brands to the next level through visual storytelling.

When I'm not developing TV spots, you can find me brainstorming a Sci-Fi thriller or networking with
others in the Film & TV industry. I'm thankful that my creative outlet is also my career, and find joy every
day on the job.


Let's work together!
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