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Previous Work

As a commercial TV producer, Staci is often referred to as a “Swiss Army knife”. She quickly grasps every client’s vision and is an expert at translating, communicating, and implementing that vision to all crew members. With Staci on your team, your media production is streamlined, efficient, and right on the money, from pre-production to post.

Staci has worked as a TV producer in tandem with media companies, developing over 200 broadcast-ready commercials and brand content. Before that success, her psychology degree and her tenure at My Christian Films (as both a producer and actress) set the foundation for her current passion: helping businesses and entrepreneurs expand companies and personal brands.


Fun Fact About Staci: She loves enjoys working with children and has a reputation as a ‘set whisperer’ for even the youngest ones.


The results? Take a look for yourself at a few of Staci's featured client projects.

Ready for Staci to add some magic to your next project? Let's chat.

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